Girl X

A very strange thing has happened. I’ve somehow managed to fall head over heels in love with working at the school. I realised this on Sunday night. Normally, I would have been looking forward to 12.30pm the following day, when I would be free from lessons and ready to enjoy a glorious Galapagos afternoon. Instead, […]


The Origin of Sleazes

Galapagos men are bloody everywhere in Galapagos. You might roll your eyes, but when I say Galapagos men I mean Galapagos men. Ones like the fine 50-year-old specimen who wandered up to me as I sat at this very Wifi hotspot, overlooking the boats and sea lions in our beautiful bay. “Boyfriend?” he sleazed in […]


Almost getting arrested

Before I explain about our entanglement with the Galapagos police, I should describe my life prior to landing on this idyllic island. I lived in Liverpool. Liverpool, as many people know, is a beautiful city in the north of England stuffed with culture, humour and fun. But it is still home to around 430,000 people. […]


The Boat People

While I was as weak as a newborn kitten for the first few days after my illness, I soon made a full recovery and island life settled into its familiar routine. Lucia is absent from school, which makes it all very peaceful. The supply teacher, Jenny, doesn’t speak English and doesn’t seem to like teaching […]