Are you there God? It’s me, the atheist.

July 9, 2014


Suspiciously colonial?

I am lucky in that, when I was a child, my mother read me a story every night before I went to sleep until the golden day finally came when I was deemed old enough to read by myself. She took me to the library and let me choose two books. I left with Enid […]

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England expects, Colombians respect?

June 23, 2014


It's a game of two...

I have a strange relationship with football in the way I have a strange relationship with many things (politics, religion, other people) There are just too many aspects of my life, personality and values that lead me to be snobbish about the game (I think there’s a lot of homophobia in football, for example, there’s […]

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My name is Vicki and this is my number

May 11, 2014


Can I have your number?

My great-grandmother was a housemaid. She wore an apron, she cleaned, she scrubbed. She said: “Yes Ma’am,” a few hundred times a day. The next generation were more or less the same, on both sides. One grandfather was a bus conductor, the other operated a printing press (I like buses and writing, go figure) Then […]

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Writing, editing, worrying, dreaming… done?

April 30, 2014


I get by with a little help from my friends?

Let me tell you a secret. I, Victoria Unpronounceable (that’s a nudge for the Colombians, by the way, because they make such a mess of saying my surname. In fact, I am now registered with several Bogotá taxi firms and pizza deliveries as Victoria Sanchez and will be until I actually date someone with the […]

Pa’ La Guajira?

April 23, 2014


On safari?

There was only one way it could begin. “Are you a singer?” a tiny voice asked, from behind the seat on our flight to Valledupar. “Yes,” my boyfriend smiled, turning to the little girl. “Are you?” “No,” she giggled. “My grandfather is.” The pair chatted in rapid costeño before my boyfriend turned to me. “Her […]

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Bogotá vs La Costa: Is change in the hair?

April 10, 2014


Don't change anything about yourself...

I have a new boyfriend. He is from a part of Colombia so famous for producing macho, chauvinistic young men that at first I didn’t want to go out with him. And when I did, I thought I knew what to expect. I would have to teach the “How to date a blonde girl 101” […]

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Colombia: Is it something in the jeans?

April 6, 2014


I openly appreciate diversity

I’m a tall woman and, depending on the proximity of chocolate cake and opportunities for wine consumption, a slim one. In fact, I was so skinny as a teenager they used to call me “sticky” instead of Vicki and wondered if I would ever grow curves. Politer people still asked if I wanted to be […]

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