Bogotá: Literary City?

January 6, 2015


Your average day in Juan Valdez

New Year is a weird time, isn’t it? A forcible measure of happiness – whether you’re anxious about the next 12 months or saying a thankful goodbye to the old ones; whether you’re celebrating what you have achieved or are excited about what you will; whether you move lightly from one year to the next […]

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Face Off

December 28, 2014


Inscrutable? That's me!

Centuries ago, when this blog was a baby, I wrote about the Latin Poker Face and how it differed from my own, dismally readable, English features.  I’d been to the Bogotá Gold Museum and read about the importance the ancient, indigenous Colombians had placed on blank expressions, including the fact their leaders used to wear jaguar masks to channel the […]

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Easy like a Bogotá Sunday?

December 6, 2014


Easy like a Bogotá Sunday?

You might think that when I moved to South America four years ago, I received some sound advice. Advice about ducking and diving perhaps, or succeeding and surviving – the sort of advice that might prepare you for the ever-shifting sands of a continent that seems to be writing its history twice as fast as […]

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Why are Colombians so happy?

October 26, 2014


Here is a picture of a puppy in a hoodie... don't say BSFF doesn't make you happy!

I know the topic is a cliché. But those surveys that constantly claim Colombians are the happiest people on Earth tend to irritate your brain after a while. I don’t know about you, but I’ve lived with the question “Why are Colombians so happy?” for more than four years now. And I’ve no idea whether I’m actually getting […]

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Wanted: Three wives please

October 5, 2014


The secret to happiness?

I’ve just returned from La Guajira, that desert wilderness we all forget to visit in the top corner of Colombia and, as usual, I had a lovely time because I also forget to visit Colombia’s forgotten corners – mostly because I am too lazy to leave the capital and I get nervous when it’s difficult […]

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When did it become so cool to be Colombian?

September 7, 2014


Taste the difference?

A few years ago, I was travelling somewhere or other with an Irish girl I’d met. Everywhere we went, she was the centre of attention. People loved her accent, her dark hair, her blue eyes and they always wanted to buy her Guinness. “It’s very cool to be Irish, isn’t it?” I asked her one […]

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Are you there God? It’s me, the atheist.

July 9, 2014


Suspiciously colonial?

I am lucky in that, when I was a child, my mother read me a story every night before I went to sleep until the golden day finally came when I was deemed old enough to read by myself. She took me to the library and let me choose two books. I left with Enid […]

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