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The new Colombia a comedy of errors is now on sale!

I’m super excited about the second edition of this book. It’s not easy to capture Colombia’s contradictions and idiosyncrasies but this new edition is fully revised and expanded and I think it sparkles.

Colombia a comedy of errors now includes new chapters on Dating, Beauty and A to B as well, of course, as an expanded Justice chapter that gives the book its name.

You can receive copies everywhere; the US, UK, Spain, Canada, Australia, Germany, France etc.)

I also edited the essay collection Was Gabo an Irishman?, which is available in Cartagena at Abaco Libros, London at Travelling Through and in paperback and on kindle through Amazon.

The travel tales collection Alone Together is on sale at Wilborada 1047 in Bogotá, Colombia, and on kindle and in paperback worldwide through Amazon.

And my short fiction, set in Colombia, England and Sri Lanka has been published in Noble / Gas QtrlyPrime NumberCold Noon and The Menteur.

You can share your opinions on any of this work here.