If you like Banana Skin Flip Flops, you’ll love Colombia a comedy of errors, the bestselling satire I wrote with Sergio J. Lievano.

Colombia a comedy of errors is available in Colombia at Panamericana, Libreria Nacional, Lerner and both Britt shops at El Dorado airport, Bogotá. The book can also be delivered through Amazon USAEurope and worldwide, and it’s on sale at the Nobel Peace Centre in Oslo, Norway.

Don’t forget to check out Was Gabo an Irishman? the essay collection I co-edited with Caroline Doherty de Novoa and Richard McColl.

wgaiThis much-loved anthology brings together writers from across the world who describe how life in Colombia has changed their relationship with the work of its Nobel Prize winning author, Gabriel García Márquez.

Was Gabo an Irishman? is available in Bogotá at La Madriguera del Conejo, Cartagena at Abaco Libros, London at Travelling Through and Amazon USAEurope and worldwide too.

I love signing these books, discussing them and dissecting them so if you’ve read them, please contact me!