Pippa’s house

I thought I signed up for two weeks of Spanish lessons in Ecuador, but it turns out I have also signed up to learn cooking, cocktails and, er, salsa. The first two are fine.  I quite like the idea of learning how to make a mean roast Alpaca or fix a particularly potent Mojito. But […]


Monika has willies

Flying early in the morning is strange and, frankly, it messes with my carefully constructed routine for international travel. I always arrive early. I check in and I seethe my way through the palava that is security. Once that horror has passed, I recover quietly in WHSmith. I buy a Daily Telegraph (because it always […]


The teddies win

Death row was looking particularly tragic today. They stared at me with their black little eyes and eerily fierce expressions. I tried to look disdainful but probably ended up on the wrong side of indecisive. “What’s the matter?” my mother said, walking into the middle of the stand off. The matter? I think. The matter? […]