Month: May 2011

The Joy of Spanglish

One day I am going to speak such beautiful Spanish, people will believe I was born and raised in Plaza Simon Bolivar. Until that time, I will apparently make more ridiculous mistakes than all of my friends – due to a dyslexia-esque problem that forces me to confuse similar sounding words. For example: “Good afternoon, […]


How to speak Colombian Spanish #1: ‘No’

1) “Si, si,” – pronounced as short syllable, accompanied by a wide smile, nodding head and the occasional “bueno”. Literal meaning: Yes. Actual meaning: Most probably. 2) “Si-i,” – pronounced as a medium-length syllable, alongside a faint shoulder shrug and small smile. Literal meaning: Yes. Actual meaning: Maybe. 3) “Siiiiiii,” – pronounced as a long […]