Vicki Kellaway

Apparently journalism is addictive

I have always hated rollercoasters. My knuckles are white when Bogotá taxi drivers negotiate sharp corners and I generally distrust motorbikes. If asked about my many pointless fears, I gently insist there is nothing enjoyable in “unnecessary adrenaline”. But one of the few worthwhile rushes is the feeling of finding or writing a really good […]


I am totally screwed

Ask me if I’m competitive. “I am not competitive,” I will reply indignantly. “I’m one of those easy going people.” I will probably pause and smile innocently. “I’m quite happy for other people to have their success,” I will insist, shrugging my shoulders. “I’m just happy to go with the flow.” Ah, how well we […]


Money, money, money

Talk about speaking too soon. The day after I wrote my stroppy little blog about being unable to secure any work, two agencies offered me some classes. Starting this week. I should be teaching my first pupil, an auditor who heads a team of accountants, for an hour-and-a-half early on a Wednesday and for two […]