Month: June 2010

Teetering on the edge

That surreal feeling resurfaced for the second time at dinner last night. We were huddled around the table, six girls, eating the delicious fried cakes Norma makes by mashing cheese, egg and a vegetable called yuka together. It was the realisation that I didn’t want, or more importantly need, to be anywhere else. Some people […]


Choking the Chicken

We arrived home to find a large chicken sitting in our kitchen sink. The bird was flapping furiously and dislodging various cups and plates. It was mildly confusing because the house was empty and all of the doors and windows were closed. Pippa made a brave attempt to catch the bird but it remained elusive […]


Girl X

A very strange thing has happened. I’ve somehow managed to fall head over heels in love with working at the school. I realised this on Sunday night. Normally, I would have been looking forward to 12.30pm the following day, when I would be free from lessons and ready to enjoy a glorious Galapagos afternoon. Instead, […]