Losing two lives in one day

Izzy is our lovely new volunteer.

She is 31 and although she is originally from Colombia, she now lives in Boston.

For the next three weeks she’s volunteering at tiny San Cristobal hospital.

Unfortunately, the poor girl’s first day was the worst it could possibly have been because an elderly man passed away on the ward.

He was very unwell.

This is a very small island and the man in question was the grandfather of Hernan, our 23-year-old Galapagos ‘cousin’.

He works as a guide on one of the cruise ships and lives in our house when he is not working during the season.

Although most of our close ‘family’ were not especially close to Hernan’s grandfather (he being on the other side of the family) it still meant there were a lot of frantic preparations in our house for both the wake and funeral.

Joss had to sit Camilo on her knee and explain what had happened.

But life is cruel and it wasn’t finished yet.

Later that same day Camilo’s beloved puppy, Bobby, fell desperately ill.

Joss sat with him for hours and tried to give him fluids from a baby’s bottle.

But that gorgeous little puppy, who looked just like a teddy bear and followed his devoted seven-year-old owner everywhere, became weaker and weaker.

The only vet on the island had fallen ill with dengue and flown to the mainland.

Nothing could be done. Bobby died at midnight.

One Comment

  1. Debs

    There is nothing quite like the pain of the loss of your first beloved soul mate companion pet – I still miss my dog may many years after she died – they give love unconditionally and the poor kid must be devastated.
    Life’s cruel sometimes, but there are always Mojito’s for drowning ones sorrows :O)

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