A baby… and free liposuction

Does anyone out there love cake as much as I do?

If you love cake and are similarly fond of biscuits, ice cream and, well, food generally then, like me, you’ve probably given a fleeting thought to liposuction.

I don’t need it now. I’m just glad it’s a possibility for later in life.

Remarkably, it turns out you can have liposuction for free on my Galapagos island.

My friend was working at the hospital when a 17-year-old girl arrived to have a baby.

She needed to have the child by caesarean.

My friend, who lives in the USA and is a trainee nurse well acquainted with medical procedures, told us she was impressed by the quality of the operation.

The surgeon spent a considerable amount of time ensuring the girl’s stitching was as small and straight as humanly possible.

He also, kindly, removed a surprisingly large strip of fat from her stomach.

So, it seems you can have a baby and free liposuction in just one day here.

Anyone for chocolate cake?

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