Galapagos wedding fever

I’ve been meaning to write about the time two of our friends decided to get married here on our island, San Cristobal.

They arrived on the boat one day and fell in love with the place – deciding to marry on the beach the following day.

They shared their crazy plan with us and the chaos began.

They scampered around the island talking to registrars and all sorts of official people to see whether it was possible.

I spoke to Norma and we hatched a plan to buy a cake – complete with comedy bride and groom figurines – from the gorgeous cake shop two blocks away.

You can’t buy fresh flowers on Galapagos but Paulina kindly offered to let the bride into her garden so she could pick her own bouquet.

Norma rang a friend who has a mobile disco to scout prices for a cheesy surprise reception and we debated exactly how many sandwiches would be needed.

We also piled down to Calypso – one of our favourite cafes – that evening for the engagement party, celebrated with pizza, chocolate cake and herbal tea.

Sadly, Ecuador being Ecuador the paperwork made the nuptials impossible.

Apparently, you have to live in the country for 75 days before you can marry here.

It was a shame for our friends but we suspect that with their madcap ways (they planned to announce their marriage on Twitter) they will find a way to elope – simultaneously infuriating and amusing their loved ones.

In the meantime, Pippa and I have lived in Ecuador for 65 days and counting.

It’s probably time to buy a new hat.

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