When God made Colombia…

People always ask me why I chose Colombia.

Well, if there is one thing you can say about Colombia; it’s always interesting.

A Colombian fable:

“When God was creating the world, he put gold into South Africa. But there was some was left over, so he threw it into Colombia.

“Then he put coal into Appalachia, but there was some left over, so he threw it into Colombia.

“Then God distributed minerals like iron and nickel, but again there were some left over, so he threw them into Colombia.

“Brazil received tropical fruits and emeralds, but there were some of those left over too, so he threw them into Colombia.

“The Middle East got a pot full of oil; but the remainder God poured into Colombia.

“Flowers went into the South Pacific islands, but, again, there were some of those left over, so he threw them into Colombia.

“Wait a minute,” a watching angel said to God.

“Do you realise you’re making Colombia one of the most powerful nations on earth?”

“Yes,” God replied.

“But don’t worry, I haven’t given them their politics yet.”


  1. Lili

    love all your post “blonde girl”… looks like you’re “colombian” by choice from your heart!!… sweet!! abracitos.. 🙂

  2. Carlos

    Fable. But to make it closer to reality, I’d change “politics” for “people”. We tend to jump straight into the bandwagon to blame politicians for our problems, but we also have a lot of responsibility on our shoulders.

    As Daniel Samper said: “If the best of Colombia are its people, who do we blame for the state of our country? The mountains, plants and rivers?”

  3. rsantafe

    Vicky this is a good fable about Colombia, unfortunately we have the the worst political class, and the people have no desire to change, because “the cure may be worse than the disease”

  4. LathiRedy

    Yes, it’s true.
    I feel bad for my people:::: people in Colombia is the real problem, all that we need to succeed is education, where every colombian realize on the importance of helping others

  5. fires

    We all are the living euphemism of Pablo, charming (not that he was a bit as nice as we girls), smart ,die heart, and hell of a hot blooded people!.Off course we’ve been raised in this nasty neverending war, that turned us into warriors or predators. Our beloved homeland deserves peace.We all deserve to enjoy all that richness equally, to rise from the death and go back to our true nature: The peaceful wise warrior, who inhabited there before been lootted, raped and annihilated by the ones who brought the cross.
    … So homesick… My cheast aches 😥

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