Poem: To Bogotá, Colombia – A Love Letter

I don’t know why I love you,
It’s so hard to explain,
You can be so grumpy in the morning,
When all you do is rain.

I don’t know why I love you,
With that huge gap ‘twixt rich and poor,
Maseratis on seventh avenue,
A refugee at the door.

I don’t know why I love you,
I think you’re a little bit nuts,
The traffic doesn’t move at all on Saturday,
And everybody tuts.

I guess you’re one of those loves,
For which there are no words,
Just rainbows, art and churches,
And those brave old humming birds.

It hardly can be your fault,
The poverty and the cars,
You would be warmer if you could be,
But you’re so close to the stars.

Instead you open up your arms,
And let us in that door,
To sell our wares and find our way,
A home forever more.

They say you’re going to change a lot,
We know it has begun,
With your smart cafés and restaurants,
You’re learning to have fun.

But please remember, when you change,
Who believed in you at first,
Who told the world how great you were,
Who saw you at your worst.

For rolos they are loyal folk,
With a smile or coin at hand,
Without them you’d have been no more,
And now look where you stand.

Yes I know why I love you,
You’ve shown me how to survive,
You’ve seen how low it’s possible to go,
And you’ve found a way to thrive.

Like this? You’ll love Colombia a comedy of errors


  1. daniel

    good,!!!! you are in the belle epoque of the romantic relationship with some urban enviroment.
    im in the 30 year old itch stage, in which this city makes me sick…. but reading your poem took me back to 1981, when i tought downtown was the coolest place ever.

    enjoy, while your sane mind allowes you to do so.

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