It’s the little things…

I suffer from terrible impatience.

Once I’ve made a decision (not one of my talents) I assume everything I want is going to happen within the next five minutes.

I decided I was going to live in Bogotá exactly a week ago and, as yet, I don’t have a job or a flat.

I’ve had one interview and have another tomorrow. I’ve prioritised the job hunt over the home so the lack of the latter is entirely my own fault.

I have a salsa lesson and a tango lesson organised this week, plus coffees and lunches with friends.

Technically, I can’t complain.

But I will anyway, because I’m a rubbish ‘drifter’.

Still, all of this rare free time has allowed me to fall in love even more with my newest adopted home.

These are just some of the incidences that have brightened my week:

1. Freddy the boot polisher

I used to be snotty about people having their shoes cleaned in the street, but Freddy had such a beautiful smile I felt unable to refuse.

He turned out to be hilarious and it was worth the pittance I paid just for the Spanish conversation practice.

Freddy, 27, helpfully told me I was going to the wrong bars in Bogotá and if I carried on I was only likely to only meet ‘perros’ (literally ‘dogs’ but here it means unreliable men or cheats/players.)

Thanks for that Fred.

Still, when I walked past him a couple of days later, he remembered me.

He also did such a good job on my boots, I may just become a regular customer.

2. Labradors are naughty worldwide

Bogota has so many coffee and cake opportunities, I’m trying to run every day to balance their effects.

Parque Simon Bolivar is gorgeous and it’s a pleasure to run there – not just because of its beautiful lake, but because there are so many people jogging, cycling, roller blading and playing basketball and football.

The other day I jogged past a lad struggling to drink from the water fountain. His enthusiastic labrador was trying to drink from the same spurt of water and repeatedly knocking him backwards.

I should have filmed it.

3. Welcome to our country

A lady stopped me in a coffee shop yesterday to ask how tall I was. Once we’d finished speaking, she clasped my hand and welcomed me to Colombia.

When I was at the Salt Cathedral, a little girl asked if she could have her photograph taken with me.

I agreed, not realising the entire family wanted to be in the shot too. I will never get used to that.

Last night I was walking down the street with Renee (another blonde) when a little old man stopped in the street to blow kisses at us.

Okay, so these are just little things. Silly moments or conversations that raise a smile.

But they remind me to stop wasting my energy on impatience. I live in Colombia now and the people here never fail to brighten my day.

Still, if they could just give me a job…

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