Goodbye Cartagena

Last time I was at an airport, I pledged to quit my mañana habit. I promised to explore the cities where I lived and do all of the fun and interesting things usually left to tourists or, worse, tomorrow.

Because you never know how long you will live somewhere. When I worked in newspapers a move happened within a month – and what with packing, apartment hunting and final goodbyes, there was never much time for last-minute tourism.

I am writing this the night before we return to Bogotá. The plan to move Cartagena was always random, relying on ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ and a few ‘maybes’. Well, now they have all added together to lead us back to the Andes, for a good few months at least.

And because in life you have to take opportunities when you can – I’m going to take two of those months to travel down to Chile and Argentina, before returning home to Colombia from Rio.

Even better, for probably the first time in my life, I’ve kept a New Year’s resolution beyond a week and have kicked the mañana habit enough to leave Cartagena without a single regret, well, unless you count having to leave behind white sandy beaches, pale green oceans, palm trees, colonial streets, all that sunshine…

Hmmph. It better not be raining when we arrive in Bogotá.

A fitting Last Supper... sirloin in Kola Roman sauce.

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