The Children of Latin America

People sometimes ask me why I never used to use photographs on my blog. They’re right – it was always a case of one, or none when it comes to pictures – although nowadays I am much better. Perhaps I was lazy or perhaps I suspected that if a photograph really does tell a 1,000 words… why write anything?

Still, I did start thinking about the photographs I take here in Latin America and realised my family are right to joke about the ‘pattern’. I am not a photographer but I have a nice SLR camera with an ‘auto’ switch and, above all, I’m nosey and shameless, which is more or less all an amateur needs.

And the pattern? I like to take pictures of children. Yep, children. If I did this in England, I would probably attract a few strange looks. But, the fact is, children often tell a better story. They’re not vain (they often don’t even stop what they’re doing) but they’re always so delighted to see what you’ve taken.

So, to redress the balance, here are some pictures of Latin American children. Bless them.

Girl on the beach in La Guajira, Colombia
Swimming off the coast in Bocachica, Colombia
Avoiding the rush at the Cusco Christmas market, Peru
Enjoying the lagoon near Salto Angel, Venezuela
Relaxing at home in Tumaco, Colombia
Games in the street on the way to Machu Picchu, Peru
Future football star in Tumaco
"Hey you with the camera! Leave us children alone!"


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