Bloggies 2012

I write this sitting in a log cabin, staring at an absurdly large bottle of red wine that I have just bought for less than 10,000 Colombian pesos.

Yes, I am in Chile – the Patagonia end – slowly recovering from days of hiking, climbing and thermal spas. I have absurdly red cheeks and a healthy glow that I may, or may not, have in Bogota.

But it has not escaped my attention that Banana Skin Flip Flops has been nominated for a Bloggie Award!

Thank you so much. Now, if you get a minute, you just need to visit and vote for Banana Skin Flip Flops in the Latin section. You click a dot under the name and then enter an email address at the bottom – for the confirmation email alone.

That’s all! So this isn’t really a blog post at all – more a plea for votes – which means it will automatically self-destruct when voting closes next week.

In the meantime, thanks again and I’ll write soon. Chile is a bewildering land of people who speak far too quickly and drive far too politely. The wine and scenery, though, are excellent.

Thanks again for the nomination!

A bottle of red for every vote! (you wish...)

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