Mullets, rat tails and random fluffy bits: Welcome to Medellín

The woman standing in front of us was beautiful. She had impossibly tight jeans, even more impossibly high heels and a jewelled belt.

She’d probably had surgery on her derrière, but it was the good kind – her ass looked less like two mangos on a shelf and more like the back view of Jennifer Lopez. She had full make-up and long, blow dried hair.

“See?” my friend said, gesturing at the woman.

“That’s how you know you’re boarding a flight to Medellín.”

How ridiculous. Everyone knows beautiful women are not the first sign that you’re boarding a flight to Medellín. The first sign you’re boarding a flight to Medellín – and a constant reminder once you arrive – are the men’s haircuts; a glorious roulette wheel of mullets, rat tails and random fluffy bits.

Sure Antioquia has a lot going for it; a lively ‘eternal spring’ capital, misty coffee farms, trotting ponies, fabulous hats and a reputation for shrewd hospitality.

It’s just really hard to see beyond the hair.

Like this? You’ll love Colombia a comedy of errors.


  1. Diego

    Amazing, I wonder why the do it. Mullets in 2012. Victoria, I have decided that Medellín is going to be the city where I´ll be living in, well, a small pueblo 30kms away called El Retiro, check it out if you can.

  2. Diego

    Well, El Retiro just win me over, however, I´m getting a small flat in Bogotá that I will rent out, so I´ll be in Bogotá a lot. What happened with the district project?

  3. Diego

    I was having bfast with my friends this morning, all Spaniards, and I told them about the mullet thing. So we remembered that in Spain you can find also a region where guys and girls wear mullets too: the Basque region. Just a coincidence, however, let us remember that Medellín has a lot of Basque ascendance, hence their features, surnames, etc. Now, that´s spooky. Maybe is genetic, maybe mullets will never go away 😛

    1. bananaskinflipflops

      Interesting, I have a British friend who studied Hispanic Studies at university and specialised in the Basque region – I’m going to ask her what she thinks about Medellin, maybe it’s grounds for a thesis! 🙂

  4. shaun

    look at football teams in argentina- full of mullets spain full of mullets,medellin mullets.Lots of mullets and their always has been in the spanish speaking world of football for at least 30 years- its nothing new

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